Gamestop Jobs – Available Positions

What types of jobs are available at GameStop?


GameStop offers a diverse selection of positions for a diverse group of people. Working at GameStop is a great way to start in retail industry or gain knowledge and experience that will take you where you want to go in the event that you decide to move up. If you already have retail experience, GameStop may offer you an opportunity to advance in a new market. If you love gaming and are interested in expanding your knowledge of gaming and customer service, GameStop is the place for you! Exciting opportunities are right around the corner, so don’t wait!

There are many positions available at GameStop starting with hourly positions all the way up to management, home office, and international jobs. No matter where you want to take your experience, training or education, you can succeed at GameStop. For great opportunities, fill out your GameStop application today!

GameStop Job Opportunities:

GameStop has retail stores all over the United States, and in international markets so diversity is a tool for their success. As a GameStop employee, you will be required to provide exemplary customer service, to share your knowledge and creativity, and to be a part of a team comprised of people from all walks of life. GameStop has high standards for its employees but offers a fair and diverse workplace which promotes the best in both teamwork and training. No matter what level you begin on, GameStop will help equip you with all the tools you need to move forward and be successful!

  • Customer Service: Customer service is at the heart of all retail stores. Without excellent customer service, a retail store lacks the quality that customers demand. At GameStop, there is a high commitment to customer service. As a customer service representative you may be tasked with helping customers find merchandise, making recommendations, and offering telephone support to customers with questions. Usually, these positions also require a bit of stocking, cleaning, and multitasking as needed.
  • Sales/Game Advisors: Game advisor positions are as the name sounds. You will be tasked with advising customers on a wide variety of gaming consoles, games, accessories, upgrades, trade-ins and more. GameStop prides itself on the ability to match customers and products that will bring enjoyment for the whole family. As a game advisor, you will be responsible for making this match happen. What a great way to know that you are bringing happiness to others.
  • Management: Management positions at GameStop may include managing a store retail location including the staff that works there. Along with being available to work with team members on individual tasks, you may also be responsible for scheduling, hiring and terminating, problem solving, finances, and more. Most managers will also find that they are required to perform the tasks of lower level associates as well.

Home Office and Regional Job Opportunities: GameStop has many job opportunities at the Home Office and regional locations. These positions may include: accounting and Finance, Creative Services, Customer Service, Distribution, Field Management, GameStop Digital, Human Resources, Information, Technology/ecommerce, Marketing and Merchandising, Military Stores, Real Estate, and Refurbishment and much more. Home office positions and higher level management positions may require a higher level of education and experience. These are attainable goals however, and you should discuss them with someone at your GameStop location.

No matter what level position you are striving for, GameStop can help you succeed! Your first step to success is filling out your GameStop job application and getting on the right track. Representatives at GameStop locations may be able to help answer any questions that you have about your application, as well as the many job opportunities that are available. Don’t wait to start your path to success, apply today!