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Gamestop Application Online- apply now


GameStop is a popular video game powerhouse retailer serving gaming platforms of all kinds. Due to its specific nature, GameStop employees must be willing to learn tips and tricks, and all about gaming. The retail stores may be standalone, inside of a mall, and of course, you can shop online. GameStop was once considered a ‘brick and mortar’ company, however in recent years their growth has been phenomenal and they are now considered a powerhouse. Starting the Gamestop application process will open new doors in a field you will love to work in.  GameStop prides itself on hiring a diverse group of team members who will work hard to bring their success even higher. Using a ‘Talent Acquisition’ model to find the right employees, GameStop is dedicated to bringing the best mix possible of gaming and customer service.  If you are looking to start a career in the retail industry and you are interested in gaming and multimedia, then fill out your GameStop application today! This is one company that is grounded in success, excellence and a commitment to their employees and customers!

GameStop believes that teamwork and engagement, plus a lot of fun are important components to job success. This teamwork extends into the application process. The GameStop job application may be printed online, or a paper copy may be requested in a store. One of the aspects of teamwork that they employ is teamwork between the applicant and the company. When you begin your GameStop application , they are fully equipped to be available to help those who may have trouble with their ability to print or complete an application that is housed online. Applications are held for two years after they are submitted, and may be updated if your information changes so you can complete it at your leisure.

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The Application:

GameStop has wonderful system in place for applications through their website It is through this main site that you will find links to your GameStop application online, plus other helpful information. The site career link takes you directly to a page with information about the application, certain requirements, and other information about the hiring processes. There are links provided for external applicants, internal applicants, management resume submissions, and background and paper application forms.

GameStop has a more specific market than many retailers; however their job opportunities extend to people of all walks of life. GameStop job application will start you on your way to the opportunities closest to you or in your target area. Once you click on the external or internal applicant links you will be taken to a new page that lists the jobs that may be available, and has a job search function. There is a very interesting option for assistance that allows you to submit your resume, and an associate from GameStop will help you find the best position to fit your qualifications. You may also use this page to update your resume.

Once you complete a job search you will be directed to a page which features job summaries for the positions which may be available. This is a great tool that will help you as you determine which positions you want to apply for. Not all positions will be available at all locations, so it may be helpful for you to speak with someone at the location in which you are interested in working to see what positions are actually available. The search results page with the summary of the position will have the posting tracking code. It may be helpful for you to write that number down in case you need it for the application. This code is what ensures managers that the applicant has applied for the correct position. Once you have your application filled out and your resume ready, your next step is turning it in and making a great first impression!

Age Requirements:

Labor laws vary by state in the United States, and may be different in international locations. Most GameStop stores allow employment at the age of 16; if you are younger than 16, check with your desired employment location prior to submitting your GameStop application.

Application Review and Interview: 

You will find the GameStop application is very user friendly. Navigating the sites and links to the application is easy, and filling it out is a breeze. Following turning in your application, here is a basic run down on what you may expect following submitting your application:

  • You will most likely turn your application in to a manager or shift worker who will forward it. With paper applications, it is vital that all the information is correct. Unlike online applications which are saved and updated regularly, paper applications must be readable, friendly, and well completed. Most of the time, the individual strategy for hiring will depend on the managers preferences. Once your application has been reviewed, an interview may be the next step. GameStop may decide to conduct one or two interviews with you, depending on the job and requirements.
  • For professional or home office positions, your application may be reviewed by human resource officers who know what to look for. GameStop has different ways of handling the application and resume for these positions, and there is a high level of expectation toward their requirements. Once this level is reached, professionalism is a must! Be polite, and should you have to reschedule and do so efficiently so you don’t inconvenience GameStop representatives.
  • In order to work at GameStop, you may be required to consent to a background and drug test before a final offer is made. This is a must for supervisory and management positions. If you are unwilling to consent to this, be sure to discuss this beforehand to see if you will still qualify for the position.

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Available Job Opportunities:

GameStop is a diverse company with a wide variety of locations and job opportunities including hourly, salary, part time and full time. There is always room for advancement at GameStop, so be ready for a great start! Job opportunities include the following:

  • Customer Service
  • Sales/Game Advisors
  • Store Management

Store Operations GameStop prides itself on hiring the best workers to maintain a positive environment and customer friendly place to be. GameStop is veteran friendly, and offers excellent job opportunities for people from all walks of life, level of education, background, sex, and ethnicity. If you feel that you are up for a challenging and exciting new career, submit a GameStop application online now!

Professional Job Opportunities:

GameStop has professional careers available in the areas of: Accounting and Finance, Creative Services, Customer Service, Distribution, Field Management, GameStop Digital, Human Resources, Information, Technology/ecommerce, Marketing and Merchandising, Military Stores, Real Estate, and Refurbishment.


GameStop has 6,627 stores all throughout the United States and in 17 countries. GameStop has made a name for itself in the gaming industry and ranks 262 on the Fortune 500 list. Additionally, GameStop is the world’s ‘largest multichannel video game retailer’.

Store Hours:

Depending on your geographic location, your GameStop hours will vary. Most GameStop locations are open from 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and hours vary on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. It is always best to check your local GameStop for exact hours and changes in store hours.